Prof. Vladimir Poroikov


    20081021日,俄罗斯医学科学院生物医学化学研究所的Vladimir Poroikov教授来访并作题为“计算机辅助致癌毒性及抗癌药预测”的学术报告。报告主要包括两个部分:化学品致癌毒性预测与抗癌药预测。在化学品致癌毒性预测方面,Poroikov教授介绍了其重要性,介绍了两个计算机预测系统PASS CCISOC-PSCT,并对其预测结果作了比较;在抗癌药预测方面,介绍了靶标及先导化合物识别,并探讨了多靶点配体的发现可能性。

    On Oct. 21, 2008, the Vice Director(Research) of Institute of Biomedical Chemistry, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor Vladimir Poroikov gave a lecture, "Computer-aided prediction of carcinogens and anti-cancer agents" . In chemical carcinogenicity prediction, Professor Poroikov talked about the importance of computer prediction of carcinogens, introduced the two systems: PASS C and CISOC-PSCT, as well as the attempt on consensus prediction. In anti-cancer agents prediction, the lecture focused on identification of targets, lead compound as well as the chance to find multi-targeted ligands.